Our team aims to use the best available research evidence to develop an innovative new type of an e-mental health program for workers in male-dominated industries.

The final Well@Work products, HeadGear, Head Coach and  READY, have now been developed and are  are currently being trialled with final results available in mid 2018.


MindGauge LogoAn early version of the screening program, termed MindGauge was launched last year to test different advertising and engagement strategies. MindGauge provided users with feedback on mental health factors like sleep, stress, resilience, symptoms of mental illness, psychological strength and overall wellbeing.  In November 2015 it was used by more than 6,000 people in Australia.

mindgaugeAn updated smartphone version of MindGauge was released in July 2016 to enable users to track their mood and wellbeing, so they can move towards a healthier and happier life.  The MindGauge app will also be testing different types of feedbacks provided to users after screening as well as different aspects of engagement, tracking, and online behaviour to inform our final products. The MindGauge app is available on the iTunes store and Google Play .



mindscale8Our research team has identified a set of social, health, and work-related risk factors that predict poor mental health among working men and women using population databases from two national surveys. To test how well we are able to predict poor mental health, we are conducting a study on the dedicated website Mindscale. On the website, participants will complete short questionnaires three times over 12 months to track their mental health and wellbeing. If you wish to participate in MindScale to track your risk of developing anxiety and low mood over time, please click here.



Mindtrack-on-phoneMindTrack is a free smartphone App to help individuals understand their mind through short weekly questionnaires and ongoing tracking of their mood over four weeks. The App is being evaluated in a randomised control trial, in which we are testing the impact of different ways of communicating personal risk of developing a common mental health problem on emotional outcomes and engagement. Participants may learn about their personal risk level within the App and all participants will receive a mental fitness report of their mood, wellbeing and risk factors after four weeks. This new App will be launched early November 2017.


headgear1.jpgThe HeadGear smartphone application provides workers with a simple, engaging and anonymous way to assess and monitor their mental health. The app assesses individuals’ risk for future mental health issues and guide users through a tailored 30-day mental health challenge that aims to increase wellbeing and reduce their risk of future mental health problems. The development of the program has involved industry workshops, systematic reviews of relevant literature, and expert consultation.The app is currently being evaluated in a randomised controlled trial, the gold standard in the field. We will be assessing its effectiveness over the next months, and will continue to provide updates about results and outcomes as they become available. Recruitment for the trial is now finished. You are welcome to download the app and try it for yourself, but new users will not be contacted or included in the trial results.

Head Coach

desktop-dashboardWe are currently developing an online education program for managers working in male-dominated workplaces. This online program called Head Coach, will educate managers about mental health at work, help them to develop skills to create more mentally healthy workplaces and provide tools to assist them in having conversations with their staff around stress and mental illness. The development of the Head Coach program has been informed by a systematic review and a meta-analysis of manager mental health training interventions as well as focus groups involving some of our industry partners. The final product is currently being assessed in a randomised controlled trial. For further information or to get involved, click here.


READY Readydecisionaid

Our research team is designing a new and interactive decision aid tool on disclosure of mental health status in the workplace. The program will target those in the workplace and will guide them through the difficult process of deciding whether they should tell someone in their workplace about their mental health condition. The content has been finalised and implemented based on the findings of focus groups involving both expert groups (individuals that have a vast knowledge about disclosure in the workplace) and groups of employees who have disclosed in the past. Some of the focus groups were run with our partners and some were run with other organisations. A Randomised Controlled Trials will start later in 2017. For further information or to get involved, click here.



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