Project Team

Project Manager – Isabelle Counson – School of Psychiatry, UNSW |

University of New South Wales
  • Ms Aimee Gayed – PhD Candidate, School of Psychiatry
  • Mr David Johnston – Research Assistant, School of Psychiatry
  • Ms Katherine Petrie – Research Assistant, School of Psychiatry
  • Dr Mark Deady – Postdoctoral Research  Fellow, School of Psychiatry
  • Prof Phillip Mitchell – Head of School, School of Psychiatry
  • Prof Richard Bryant – Scientia Professor & NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow, School of Psychology
Black Dog Institute
  • Prof Helen Christensen –  Director and Chief Scientist
  • Mr Jacinto Santamaria – IT Development Manager
  • Mr Jonathan Tennant – Head of Education
  • A/Prof Judy Proudfoot –  Head of eMental Health Implementation and Policy
University of Sydney
  • Dr Ana Fernandez – Honorary Researcher, Mental Health Policy Unit
  • Dr David Milne – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Electrical and Information Engineering
  • Ms Dorian Peters – User Experience Specialist, School of Electrical and Information Engineering
  • Ms Elizabeth Stratton – PhD Candidate, Brain and Mind Centre
  • Prof Ian Hickie – Professor of Psychiatry, Co-Director, Health and Policy, Brain and Mind Centre
  • Dr Isabella Choi –Postdoctoral Research Associate, Brain and Mind Centre & Discipline of Psychiatry
  • Prof John Buchanan – Chair of Discipline, Business Analytics + Principal Advisor, Research Impact Business School
  • Prof Luis Salvador- Carulla, Professor of Disability and Mental Health, The University of Sydney Centre for Disability Research and Policy
  • Prof Phil Bohle – Professor of Work and Health, Health Sciences
  • Dr Rose Ryan- Senior Researcher, Brain and Mind Centre, Sydney Medical School
  • Mr Yunyao Yao – Software Engineer, School of Electrical and Information Engineering
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