Professor Nicholas Glozier

Nick GlozierContact details
Phone:  +61 2 9515 1596
Fax: +61 2 9351 0855

Professor Nicholas Glozier is a consultant psychiatrist specialising in epidemiology, clinical trials and health services research. In particular he focuses upon the links between mental health and physical conditions, in particular sleep and neurological disorders, and how the interplay with the changing psychosocial and technological environment leads to work related disability, stress, stigma and discrimination.

In nine years since arriving in Australia he has been awarded over $17 million in nationally competitive grants as a Chief Investigator, including 2 current NHMRC Centres for Research Excellences and a $3 million program on wellbeing@work funded by beyondblue and movember.

In the late 1990’s Prof Glozier worked at the World Health Organisation and is an author of the WHO’s Disability Classification system, the ICF, sister to the ICD-10 diagnostic system and was part of the development team for the WHO Disablement Assessment Schedule (WHODAS –II). He has a number of projects in developing settings

He is a consultant to Government organisations, Mental Health commissions, NGOs such as RUOK?, and industry.

He is a member of Healthy Sydney University and the University-wide Health and Work Research Network.


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