About us

Well@Work is dedicated to radically improving the mental health of men and women working in male-dominated industries.  Employees in male-dominated workplaces face particular challenges with regard to mental health including higher rates of depression, stigma and low rates of help-seeking.  Well@Work is lead by a team of researchers in mental health and technology working side by side with professionals in transport, agriculture, emergency services and other male-dominated industries.

Our partners represent over one million Australian workers. We strive to leverage our diversity in expertise in mental health, workplace relations, and technology to ensure that the Well@Work project is cutting edge, academically robust, based in the ‘real world’ and able to provide sustainable widespread positive change.

About the project

The Well@Work project has been developed in partnership with, and funded by, beyondblue, with donations from the Movember Foundation, for a total of $2.88 million.

This world-first study, is led by A/Prof Sam Harvey (UNSW/Black Dog Institute), Nick Glozier (Brain and Mind Institute, University of  Sydney) and Rafael Calvo (Engineering & IT, University of Sydney). The program will see around 60,000 Australian workers in high-risk workforces receive specialised and interactive mental health support via a proven yet anonymous source – their mobile phone.

The program involves both men and women in both rural and urban workforces and is subject to rigorous evaluation to identify which elements are most effective across different workforces and geographic locations.

Reflecting the importance of the topic, a wide range of academic, industry and union  partners across the country are involved with the project. This diverse and unique collaboration ensures the project has the very best chance of making a significant difference to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

For more information and to get involved, contact us.

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