HeadGear: a new app designed by mental health experts to help you connect with your values and cope better with stress

The HeadGear smartphone application provides workers with a simple, engaging and anonymous way to assess and monitor their mental health. The app assesses individuals’ risk for future mental health issues and guide users through a tailored 30-day mental health challenge that aims to increase wellbeing and reduce their risk of future mental health problems. The development of the program has involved industry workshops, systematic reviews of relevant literature, and expert consultation.

The app is currently being evaluated in a randomised controlled trial, the gold standard in the field. We will be assessing its effectiveness over the next months, and will continue to provide updates about results and outcomes as they become available.

Recruitment for the trial is now finished. You are welcome to download the app and try it for yourself, but new users will not be contacted or included in the trial results.

Watch the video below for more details:

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