The HeadGear smartphone application will provide workers  with a simple, engaging and anonymous way to assess and monitor their mental health. The app will assess individuals’ risk for future mental health issues and guide users through a tailored 30-day mental health challenge that aims to increase wellbeing and reduce their risk of future mental health problems. Currently the development of the program is underway. This has involved industry workshops, systematic reviews of relevant literature, and expert consultation. The final stages of development will include focus group testing and initial pilot testing of HeadGear to ensure acceptability and feasibility. Once this has been established, the app will be evaluated in a randomised controlled trial, the gold standard in the field. We are seeking industry partner organisations to be involved in this process. For further information or to get involved, click here.

2 Comments on “HeadGear

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for stopping by and getting in touch with us. Hope you received our previous email with the details. If not, here is the link ( https://www.headgear.org.au/#/ ) to the headgear website where you can download the app as well as get more details.

      Thank you

      The Well@Work Team


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